Social Media Filling your newsfeed with nice content and taking part of your daily social media journey.
We make great use of our left-minded people to transform our clients’ social media Channels into carefully crafted strategies that guarantee an outstanding presence and great exposure for each brand.
-Research & Analysis
-Strategy Planning
-Account Creation & Branding
-Content Creation
-Content Publishing
-Monitoring & Reports

Digital Media Offering a free consultation and strategy using the most relevant channels, smartest methods, and meticulous optimization to maximize return on Investment
-Online Media Strategy
-Content Generation & Optimization
-Affiliate Marketing
-Conversion Rate Optimization
-Analytics and

Animation We bring to the table our right-minded people to crack concepts, write up stories and turn them into animated
-2D & 3D characters
-3D Modeling
-3D animation
-Character animation
-Motion Graphics
-Visual Effects

Innovations We develop and come up with innovative solutions that are interactive and bring unreal feeling into real life
-Augmented Reality (AR) /
-Virtual Reality (VR)
-Interactive Booths
-3D Mapping

Branding Building identity for brands that might last for decades and ages that would make an impact in our community and the way we associate with brands prior consuming it
-Brand Strategy /
-Brand Identity /
-Brand Tone of Voice /
-Creative Services / BTL /  Branding in Space /
-Concept Creation & Development